Who are you and why do you think you have any right to be here?

– question I ask myself multiple times a day.

Samantha Campbell Profile Image

The thing is, I now have answers. I’ve carved out this little slice of the internet just for me – and I’m glad you’ve come to visit.

I’m a native of Kitchener Ontario, and trained at Conestoga College in Software Engineering Technology. I pursued my diploma while working for local startups, and did 16 months of co op at Blackberry. In my final year of college I started working at D2L (Desire2Learn) as a Web Developer and have been hanging out ever since.

I live in a world of web technologies and dabble with some app and desktop development.

I’m passionate about Women in Technology and Technical Education, and my volunteering and writing reflects that. I help organize meetups, give talks, and mentor where I can.

If you’d like to connect – head over to the contact page or LinkedIn.